3d Modeling

This is my first attempt at 3d modeling as a class project, the end result being an octopus with a chalice.

Here is the download for the model, to view in Milkshape.

Hammer Pinball: Post Mortem

Good: This was my first collaborative effort, though with the group brainstorming and setting out individual duties early made the process pretty painless. Once we started the coding, it was agreed upon in my three man group, that I would be in charge of making sure the various forms of collision to work. This included the ball/paddle collision, ball/ball collision, and ball/brick collision. Getting the first two forms of collisions to work went pretty smoothly, though the brick came around eventually. After collision I also had to work on redrawing the bricks to the score when a point was scored, which after I got used to the custom library by one of my colleagues, came a simple task.

Bad: The brick/ball collision and redrawing took too much time to figure out, and made testing a rush job. Because these crucial parts were delayed, we didn’t have much time to improve the game by adding difficulties and different features like that. Then the collision code was also passed around, during the trouble with the brick/ball collision, as such a bit of confusion arrived with slight changes to code until the finished version which is now being presented. Plus several strange glitches, such as the ball catching on the other ball, the paddle, or not changing direction after hitting the brick, also reduced the amount of time we had to improve the game.

Overall: I feel that project went pretty good overall, the communication was there and everyone stuck with their assigned tasks. Though we didn’t mind giving advice or aid to each other, when it was needed. Though we all ran into our own problems, we manage to overcome them and make a pretty enjoyable game.

Hammer Pinball

Platform: Windows Console Application/XNA

Genre: Bat and Ball

Description: Break through, and hit them where it hurts!

Play Link: Click here to Download!


Platform: Windows Console Application

Genre: Action

Description: It’s coming for you!

Play Link: Click here to Download!

Space Shooter

Platform: Windows Console Application

Genre: Action

Description: Charge through the gauntlet!

Play Link: Click here to Download!

Text Adventure Post-Mortem

C++ Text Adventure

Good: The project went pretty smoothly, a lot of the code was easily reusable with very little tweaking. The pre-programming planning really helped speed things up, I’ll get the plan scanned and loaded up to the site

Bad: I ended up running into a few problems with the while loops I originally had implemented, to try and control what the user’s could input. Because of the amount of time I spent, unsuccessfully, trying to fix the problem, caused my testing of the project as a whole to be limited. In such, the various bits of grammar and some spelling could have been improved.

Overall: Other then the problem with the while loops, the project went quite smoothly and didn’t need any other fixes.

Action Flash Game

Platform: Browser

Genre: Action

Description: Show your strength!

Play Link: Click Here (Click the screen to play)