DirectX Project: Post Mortem

Good: My first attempt at using DirectX, though by this point I had a bit of experience with C and C++ which helped get me into the coding behind. Then the DirectX components such as DirectDraw, and DirectSound I didn’t seem to have too much trouble implementing. With all that, I was able to quickly implemented some basic game features, for the core mechanics. Plus this was also my frist attempt at drawing a level, completely from a single sprite file, and in the end I was able to implement that with little trouble to a decent effect.

Bad: I had a few issues with the initial set up, of my window for the game. I had to do a lot of reading to figure out what each of the requirements were, and how they would effect the users experience. After I learned how to correctly create a blank window for the game, I went ahead, and tried to start implementing a simple version of what I had planned. However, I run into the problem of memory leak and management. This was causing errors with the spawning, and removal, of enemies for the player. In the end I had to try different approaches to this, which ate more time then I was able to afford. In the end, I was unable to replace the place holder art, and get pass the very simple game play that is there.

Overall: Even though I managed to get something playable, I would have to say that this project was a failure. I was unable to get the game to the level that I wanted, as I had trouble getting through the initial complexity, followed by dealing with memory on this level. Though I am not happy with the game, I can look back on it and see where I went wrong with managing my time and lack of planning, and learn from that for future endeavours.

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