Text Adventure Post-Mortem

C++ Text Adventure

Good: The project went pretty smoothly, a lot of the code was easily reusable with very little tweaking. The pre-programming planning really helped speed things up, I’ll get the plan scanned and loaded up to the site

Bad: I ended up running into a few problems with the while loops I originally had implemented, to try and control what the user’s could input. Because of the amount of time I spent, unsuccessfully, trying to fix the problem, caused my testing of the project as a whole to be limited. In such, the various bits of grammar and some spelling could have been improved.

Overall: Other then the problem with the while loops, the project went quite smoothly and didn’t need any other fixes.

Action Flash Game

Platform: Browser

Genre: Action

Description: Show your strength!

Play Link: Click Here (Click the screen to play)

Escape Flash Game

Platform: Browser

Genre: Puzzle

Description: It’s just a room…

Play Link: Click Here

Dungeon Flash Game

Platform: Browser

Genre: Adventure

Description: Watch out for dragons!

Play Link: Click Here (Click the screen, to play)

Fighting Flash Game

Platform: Browser

Genre: Fighting

Description: When good and evil clash… who’s bacon will remain on top?

Play Link: Click Here (Click the screen, to play)

Javascript Math Adventure

Platform: Browser

Genre: Instructional Game

Description: Can you solve the Sphinx’s puzzle?

Download Link: Click Here

Text Adventure

Platform: Win32 Console

Genre: Text Adventure

Description: A ripping old school dungeon yarn.

Download Link: Click Here